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The Girt Mobile Team

Here at GIRT Mobile we are about quality. Our team of experts produce the highest quality mobile applications, websites and web services for individuals, companies and any institutions who require a mobile and/or web presence.

GIRT Mobile was established in the summer of 2009 as an Irish/US alliance between Aonghus O’hEocha in Galway, Ireland and Kenneth Roy in West Virginia, USA. Our first product Grab Radio app for iPhone was conceived in 2007 and launched before the end of 2009. In no time at all we began to win accolades from a variety of different sources.

Having starting working in the Credit Union space in 2012, the Company now has a total of 23 Credit Unions in the UK and Ireland using it’s online and mobile banking platforms. The development team is now focused on expanding within the FinTech field to provide banking solutions to Financial Organisations around the world.

As our business continues to grow, so will our team. We are currently hiring. Visit our Careers page to find out more.

Meet people who made it possible

Aonghus O’hEocha
Aonghus has 30 years experience working in technology and business. Initially working for Shell International he then progressed to Land Rover and BMW as a powertrain engineer working on advanced engine design projects. Following a series of promotions to senior management positions he then formed a high end audio wireless company OHD before starting GIRT mobile.
Kenneth Roy
Software Engineer
Kenneth is passionate about delivering world class software applications. One of the pioneers of mobile applications in the US, Kenneth has a solid background in all types of software development both back and front end. With over 30 years of experience behind him, and he has delivered truly advanced applications in a very short period of time.. Kenneth is skilled in mobile applications for both platforms Android & iOS, web applications using Angular.js and backend technologies such as Node.js and Postgres DB.
Alex Maramaldo
Senior Software Engineer
12 years software engineering experience , using cutting edge technologies, such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, and currently, working as Tech lead and Data Engineer, using research, development and tools such as Spark, Pandas, SkLearn, creating solutions with the Data Science's Team.
Alex Bean
Software Engineer
Alex has a talent for mobile and application development. He has long standing experience with native Android and iOS applications as well as working with platforms such as Angular and Ionic. Being a natural troubleshooter Alex can home in on a problem and resolve it easily. He has gained full-stack experience working with GIRT and is adept as setting up databases and web services.