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“Our mission is to enable community organisations to provide the highest levels of member satisfaction through the clever use of technology, irrespective of size and resources.”

Banking Platform

Complete Current Account Services, Savings Accounts and Loan Applications

Mobile Ready

Cloud Technology

Extreme Security

e-Commerce Payments Solution

Utilising Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
Ultra Secure payments converting Fiat Currencies into digital tokens for lightning fast payments




Pre-Paid Cards

Issue Pre-Paid Payment Cards that link with your digital accounts


Use Online

Or at POS

Foreign Remittances

Fast, Secure and Cost Effective. Send Money overseas.

Global Transfers


Cost Effective

Credit Union Software

Loan Applications, Share Accounts, Savings Accounts and Current Accounts. Credit/Debit Card Deposits, and 24/7 access

Reduce Paperwork

Multiple Account Types

Accept Card Deposits

App Development

Need to reach out to your customers?
GIRT Mobile have the expertise to design your ideal business app. We assist in scoping requirements and giving a range of options to choose from with an emphasis on security and scalability.

Web Applications

Mobile Apps

Business Apps

Partners we work with

Credit Unions

Having starting working in the Credit Union space in 2012, the Company now has a total of 23 Credit Unions in the UK and Ireland using its online and mobile banking platforms.

GIRT Mobile’s future ventures into core-banking and payments products will be able to offer a suite of new solutions to Credit Unions around the world.

Community-Focused Business Applications

GIRT Mobile has always believed in the importance of community and this can be seen in some of the systems developed for local community organisations. Such as the Galway Safe app developed in conjunction with The Western Region Drug and Alcohol Task Force to help keep people in high risk areas safe, and the work GIRT Mobile has done with MyClubFinances which aids local GAA organisations throughout Ireland.

Enteprise Management and Commercial Applications

GIRT has a history of developing enterprise software for business. This includes management systems, and productivity tools to reduce time wasted on administration and other menial tasks, allowing valuable resources to be allocated to more productive endeavors.

Our enterprise software is used by GoBus, one of the biggest transport companies in Ireland.

We pride ourselves in being a very proactive credit union, we look outside the box, cu247 is a vital part of this, helping us to be inclusive to all members.