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Bank ‘Technology Outages’​ increase by 138% in 12 Months

It is against the backdrop of a very sobering statistic relating to 600 technology outages between September 2018 and October 2018 that the FCA declared that enough was enough.

It wasn’t just the big banks either, with their patchwork quilt of legacy systems held together by slender threads, some customers of the ‘challenger’ banks could not access their accounts while abroad last August.
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Irish Credit Unions Beat Bezos

Yes, you are reading this correctly. The Credit Union movement have shown trillion dollar businesses how it’s done. For the fourth year in row Credit Unions have come out on top in the Customer Experience awards. So while bank branches are being shut and the whole world scrambles to get on line and cut costs by reducing the number of touch points for their customers, the community finance specialists demonstrate how the personal touch still wins out.

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