image showing symbols of bio security retina scanning finger printing

Security is in the eye of the beholder-biometric online security methods.

Improve security whilst enhancing user experience for your cusotmers.

Security is synonymous with GIRT mobile.

Our excellent reputation stems from our CTO having US Military Security Clearance and experience with all levels of digital security.  We proiritise researching and developing innovative secure methods in order to provide the best protection for you online and on mobile.

At Girt we use the very best encryption techniques with 256 bit encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) access provided as standard. Unique Token Passing for each transaction is embodied into all of our applications to keep you secure.


Why get rid of passwords?


  • We all hate them.
  • They are high maintenance.
  • They demand to be different, remembered, changed, and secure. It is not good enough for people to use what they think is personal to them. Hackers are continuously trawling social media sites looking at dates of birth and other not so personal information that may well provide an in to your account.
  • Malware on your laptop or mobile may capture information you input into your system that you think is providing a certain level of security. Password generators are being used to fast track identification of your passwords and pins.

GIRT have spent years thinking of cunning and ingenious plans to get rid of passwords without comprimising security.

Our team have been researching and developing cutting edge biometric solutions to enhance and ultimately replace passwords.

Fortress 7 combines the best possible authentication information in one place.  It adapts to ensure maximum security for the user dependent on the environment and the risks in that instance.


FORTRESS 7 is a system code combining:

  • Retina scanning
  • Iris Scanning
  • Fingerprinting
  • Geo-location information
  • Information pertaining to a persons’ digital footprint.



The Biometric element can be altered to suit the device and or the application being used. So for example with simple transactions and minimal threats detected it will enable one level of authentication. On the other hand when health or wealth applications are being accessed it will ‘up the ante’ and provide further levels of authentication.

The major advantage of this system is that user experience is actually improved over existing methods as the user does not have to input a password or PIN. The system carries out the analysis in the background and the user is not even aware of it. So whilst the level of security is improved the user experience is also being improved.

If additional layers are required then fingerprinting or other methods such as keystroke dynamics can further enhance the security.


Threats to online security have become an unavoidable hurdle that few manage to deal with sufficiently.   Even this years Tour de France was affected this year with attempted cyberattacks.

Don’t risk being left vulnerbale to a digital attack. Get in touch today on how you can improve your user experience and security at the same time with our Fortress7 system. Contact