Mobile Payments

GIRT mobile offers development services for national and international financial institutions ranging from the development of a basic banking application, to integration of mobile payment systems with QR codes, Near Field Communications (NFC) phone to phone payments and ‘Airborne’ payments.

Mobile Payments Security


With our Fortress7, seven point security system, we integrate the maximum level of security for your customers. We take pride in the fact that our applications are safe and secure. Not many people realise it but the mobile can be a safer place to carry out a financial transaction when compared to a desktop environment. This is because the device, network, IP address, Geolocation, and Biometrics can all be used as additional forms of authentication.

We can increase the level of security depending on the clients’ specific requirements. If your application requires an Encryption Registration Number (ERN) for Apple approval then we can provide it.

Our current range of security features are as follows:

  • Multi-stage authentication, login, password, pin, out-of-bounds security questions
  • AES 256 encryption, secure servers with maximum level of encryption
  • Hash key integration, the access input is hashed prior to message being sent
  • Device recognition, MAC address, IP address, IMEI, Unique Identifier
  • Geo-location option, stopping concurrent transactions from different parts of the globe.
  • Biometrics, Facial recognition, fingerprinting, key-stroke analytics.


Payfinch is a brand new ‘airborne’ payments system. Instead of having to rely on plastic and receipts, this payment system works entirely from your mobile phone bringing convience to your finance. The Payfinch application is downloaded to the phone, registered and linked to your current or credit card account. You can then use your app to pay for goods and services ‘over the air’ and take advantage of any offers that may be available for Payfinch customers in the store.


The app will also allow you to keep a track of your spending and earn loyalty point as you spend.

With Payfinch you present the item you want to pay for at the counter, you receive a process payment message, hit the accept button and away you go.

  • No Plastic
  • No Receipts
  • No Hassle


As the Payfinch system is entirely software based there is no need to upgrade your existing hardware. Our first product has been designed to work with the latest phones, tablets, notebooks and desktop systems linked to the internet. Your POS device will connect with the secure Payfinch server where customers details are retained for identification and payment processing.
The system will allow loyal customers to be rewarded just for stepping into the store with the retailer in full control of offers discounts and other loyalty schemes. As receipts are electronic in nature there is requirement for a printer or other related hardware.

Financial Institutions

The Payfinch system will allow you to reduce costs by eliminating the need to issue cards. It will allow banks and credit unions and building societies to accept direct payments where desired.