Geolocation Apps

We have developed a range of different Geolocation Apps for business


Uzoo is a worker management system that allows a user to create new sites, assign workers and view if a worker is checked into a site. Uzoo lets you know where workers check-in and check-out location is on a map and whether they are on and off site.

Uzoo consists of an online website based management system so a manager can:

  • View workers personal information
  • View workers hours
  • View what site a worker is currently checked into
  • Map based location of where a worker checked in & out

Print reports


The online management system allows a Manager to create a site and draw a geofence around a map location and uses google maps geolocation API to give you the most detailed information possible.

Uzoo also consists of mobile application that a worker uses to:

  • View hours
  • View pay
  • Checkin / Checkout from selected sites using geolocation

The mobile app is available for both IOS and Android.

GIRT mobile clients


Backload is a new app for getting things moved. It is also a great way for transporters of all types to take advantage of any spare space on a return trip. Whether it’s a tank or a tiara we will provide a great new means of connecting you to the right person for the job. “Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.”

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See my Maps

The mobile app SeeMyMap has the ability to create contacts that are both searchable and sharable. When creating a contact, along with typical contact information, the user can add multiple location details, attach multiple pictures and link multiple colour coded categories. For the location details, the integrated google maps feature allows you to attached multiple Geolocation details . When searching a contact, the search functionality allows you to retrieve filtered results by list or colour coded pins on a map. When sharing a contact, the user has the ability to control what parts of the contact you want to share.

GIRT mobile clients


The app was developed to help deliver a high level of quality care to the elderly and disabled. It monitors the position of carers once they have arrived for a scheduled appointment. In addition to providing the tool for carers to manage their schedule and keep track of their hours. It also provides a management tool to keep track of care worker locations and hours worked. The carer presses a clock-in button and the system can be set to automatic clock-in or carers can clock in manually via the app. In the case of an automatic clock-in crossing a geofence will trigger an alert to be sent to the management system. The management system will also alert managers if a carer is late for an appointment. A traffic light system has been implemented whereby an appointment is flagged up as green once a carer has arrived for an appointment and clocked in. An appointment is flagged up as yellow in the system if the carer is up to 10 minutes late and red if they are over 10 minutes late.

[ngg_images gallery_ids=”1″ display_type=”photocrati-nextgen_basic_thumbnails”]Carers can also view their schedule for the given week and can view all the hours they have clocked up. This can be filtered down to a given week or month. Managers can also log into the app, view details of carers and service user and the weekly schedules. Schedules can be edited or deleted from within the app also.